METHYS Dx is a company dedicated to the development of personalized medicine through non-invasive monitoring techniques. Among these, liquid biopsies, i.e. the analysis of biological fluids (e.g. blood, urine, etc.), allow, among other things, the detection of specific cancer markers.

The objective of METHYS Dx is thus to provide innovative solutions for the characterization of molecules released by tumor cells in biological effluents. Our innovations will allow researchers to better understand the evolution of the disease, doctors to follow their patients and biologists to have robust techniques that are sensitive and easy to implement. Among the molecules released by tumor cells, METHYS Dx is particularly interested in cell-free circulating tumor DNA and is committed to develop efficient technics for its characterization.

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Who are we ?

Based in Paris, METHYS Dx was created by a team of internationally recognized experts, both from a clinical and technological point of view. These expert comes from two teams: the MEPPOT team (Médecine Personnalisée, Pharmacogénomiques et Optimisations Thérapeutiques, Centre de recherche des Cordeliers, Université Paris Cité), recognized for his work in the field of oncology, liquid biopsy, cancer biomarkers and digital PCR, and the SPM group (Systèmes et programmes moléculaires, laboratoire Gulliver, ESPCI, PSL), specialized in molecular programming and DNA detection technologies.

The synergy of these skills and knowledge thus enables METHYS Dx to develop highly innovative diagnostic tools for monitoring cancer patients.

Scientifiques dans un laboratoire


Valérie Taly Valérie Taly Co-founder, Président & Chief Scientific Officer
Magali Droniou Magali Droniou Chief Executive Officer
Benjamin Nayagom Benjamin Nayagom Research Scientist
Aurélia Baures Aurélia Baures Research Scientist
Hanane Djamai Hanane Djamai Research Scientist
Antoine Masurier Chief Technical Officer
Jean-François Taly Head of Bioinformatics
Barbara Gomis Research Scientist
Justine Abdelli Research Scientist
Thomas Bruneau Research Scientist
Quentin Mosagna Research Scientist & CIFRE PhD candidate
Nicolas Bourgeois Research Scientist
Entretient entre deux personnes

Scientific and Medical Advisory Board

Pierre Laurent-Puig Pierre Laurent-Puig Co-Director, CRC, Director, SIRIC CARPEM & Cofounder
Yannick Rondelez Yannick Rondelez Research Director, CNRS & Cofounder
Guillaume GINES Guillaume Gines Researcher, CNRS & Cofounder
Elodie SOLLIER Elodie SOLLIER BENKEI Consulting
Brian Lockart Brian LOCKART Head of Companion Diagnostics, SERVIER
Jean Christophe Baret Jean-Christophe BARET Professor – Université de Bordeaux
Clara MONTAGUT Head of Digestive Oncology at Hospital del Mar, Barcelone

Our Story

July 2023

METHYS Dx winner of a Grand Prix I-Lab 2023

May 2023

Closing of the pre-Seed funding round

April 2023

METHYS Dx joins WILCO’s COMET support program

December 2022

Signature of an exclusive operating licence with ERGANEO on biomarker patents

November 2022

Selection in the #MedTech WILCO acceleration program

September 2022

Selection in the program « Réseau Entreprendre Paris »

August 2022 

Obtaining the French Tech Emergence grant from the BPI

November 2021

Obtaining DIM Elicit – Ile de France Region funding for a project led by ESPCI in collaboration with the MEPPOT laboratory and METHYS DX

September 2021

Creation of METHYS Dx

May 2021

the future company METHYS Dx is the winner of Erganeo’s START UP FACTORY program to support it in its creation