Innovative tests for
cancer patient monitoring

METHYS Dx develops innovative blood tests, based on the detection of unique molecular signatures for different types of cancer. These tests are fast and ultrasensitive, and will allow dynamic monitoring of disease, for real-time clinical assesmment.

In order to build the future of non-invasive monitoring in oncology, METHYS Dx is working on an ambitious R&D program, combining these unique molecular signatures with a disruptive, ultrasensitive detection technology.

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Based on
methylated dna biomarkers

Our tests are based on liquid biopsies, and target the analysis of certain types of biomarkers, present in biological fluids, such as blood. METHYS Dx develops panels of methylation markers, in order to characterize circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) within liquid biopsies. The tests developped by METHYS Dx will thus be used to establish prognosis, monitor tumor evolution, and allow the early detection of relapses.

The tests developped by METHYS Dx target different cancer types, amongst the most frequent. These tests are based on a novel detection technology, and present an efficient and less-costly alternative to NGS tests. METHYS Dx tests can also be used for quality control of results obtained using other technologies (NGS or digital PCR for example).


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17Nov SELECT BIO Point Of Care & Rapid Diagnostics, Long Beach, USA

Do not miss the presentations “Droplet-based Microfluidics to Detect Cancer Biomarkers” & “Developing Original Droplet-based Digital PCR Assays to Detect Circulating Biomarkers” by Valérie Taly, CNRS Research Director, as Plenary and Keynote Speaker on December 14 at 2:30 p.m. and December 16 at 4:30 p.m.!

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16Nov METHYS Dx is selected to join WILCO #MedTech Acceleration Program!
Wilco et methys

We are very happy to announce that METHYS Dx has been selected to join the new promotion of the @WILCO #MedTech program. We are proud to join this #accelerator of innovation which supports #startups until their 1rst M€ of annual revenue in 3 years and the transformation of ETI / Key Accounts. We can’t wait […]

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